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Student Mentoring Program
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The KVMA and KSU CVM have established a joint practitioner-student mentoring program. It is considered that this program will benefit students, practitioners, the College and the Profession.

Students at any level of the curriculum are welcome to participate. It is hoped that pre-veterinary students can also take advantage of this program, which aims to give students a greater understanding of "real-life" veterinary medicine. It also aims to provide students with experiences and contacts that they might not otherwise gain in Vet School.

This is a flexible, year-round program. Students can interact with their practitioner mentors in different ways, ranging from externships to social events.

It is considered that this program will benefit students, practitioners, the College and the Profession.

Mission Statement

To provide students with broad-based opportunities for greater learning experiences and career guidance through volunteer mentoring programs.


  • What is a mentor?
    • A teacher, wise advisor.
    • Mentoring might include teaching a specific skill, providing advice, or being a good listener. It Does involve taking a personal interest in the life, career and aspirations of another.
  • Mentorship can take many forms, and it does not necessarily involve externships.
  • Some activities that might be shared include:
    • meeting at Cat Town and attending a game together
    • inviting them to a continuing education event
    • spending a weekend at your practice
    • fishing or hunting

How the Program Works

  • Step 1:
    • Develop a database of volunteer veterinarians interested in providing mentoring (± externships) to KSU CVM students.
  • Step 2:
    • Students can search the database and select practices/veterinarians that provide the types of opportunities they wish to explore.
      • Ideally, incoming freshman will be assigned a practitioner mentor (in addition to a Faculty mentor) upon commencement in the Fall term.

Required Mentorships

Each preclinical veterinary student is required to complete three mentorships/externships prior to beginning his/her fourth year. A description of these required externships can be found at Clinical skills lists are available for the food animal externship and the small animal externship. These can be accessed from the website by clicking on the course titles. Questions regarding these required externships should be sent to R. G. Elmore at or 785-532-5660. Your participation in these required mentorship/externship experiences is greatly appreciated.

Mentor of the Year

  • The KVMA Foundation will sponsor a "Mentor of the Year" award.
    • Students will nominate and select a veterinarian.
    • The recipient will be recognized at the KVMA Annual Convention.
  • In addition, Mentors and their students will be invited to attend the annual KSUCVM breakfast during the KVMA Annual Convention.


Register online for the KVMA-KSU CVM Mentoring Program.

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