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Why Join KVMA?

Join the KVMA and enjoy these great benefits and more . . . . .

Legislative Representation
The KVMA represents you daily at the Kansas Legislature when it is in session. Positions are taken on pertinent veterinary medicine issues by the KVMA Legislative Committee and Executive Board. Members are invited free of charge to participate in the annual KVMA "Day at the Capitol.”

Legal Representation

KVMA legal counsel has been invaluable in KVMA efforts to represent the profession on a myriad of legislative and regulatory issues.

Continuing Education
The KVMA offers quality continuing education covering companion animal, food animal, equine, and other veterinary medicine topics at the annual KVMA Conference and free of charge to members at approximately 30 KVMA district meetings throughout the year.

KVMA Trade Show
The annual KVMA Trade Show at the June Conference for Veterinarians at K-State routinely draws between 30-40 vendors and suppliers to the veterinary profession. It provides you with information on the latest veterinary developments, observe demonstrations on the newest products, or just do some "one stop shopping.”

June Conference for Veterinarians
The K-State College of Veterinary Medicine’s June Conference for Veterinarians is the venue for the KVMA annual awards presentations and business lunch and the KVMA health screening and vaccination clinic.

KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center at the Kansas State Fair
This is easily the largest and most effective veterinary out reach program in Kansas. Approximately 90,000 Kansas State Fair guests visit the KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center each year. They are exposed to veterinary medicine displays and demonstrations and, of course, the birthing of animals.

Student Selection Opportunities
KVMA members genuinely enjoy the opportunity to participate in the student selection process at the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine.

KVMA Communications
Members receive the electronic KVMA News Online, KVMA News Alert, and KVMA Legislative Bulletin.

KVMA Supporter Members
KVMA Marketing Partners can save you significant dollars on credit card processing, free job placement, life, health, long term care, and disability insurance, and investment, retirement, and financial planning services.

KVMA Website
The KVMA website averages 1,500 visitors a month. Go to for current news, legislative reports and testimony, a calendar of events, "find a vet,” and much more.

KVMA District Meetings
Approximately 30 KVMA district meetings were held across Kansas in the last year. Most districts meet on a quarterly basis and one district held meetings almost monthly. These meetings are typically held in the evening and include dinner and a CE session. They are free to KVMA members.

KVMA Foundation
The KVMA Foundation continues to provide student scholarships at the KSU College of Veterinary Medicine and supports public education on veterinary medicine at the KVMA/KSU Veterinary Medical and Birthing Center at the Kansas State Fair. This spring, the Foundation awarded 18 $1,000 scholarships to students at the KSU CVM. The Foundation provided a total stipend of $2,000 for four KSU CVM students in two rotations at last year’s Kansas State Fair to be present during the night to monitor and be available for animal emergencies at the Center. All contributions are appreciated and apply toward your name being placed on the KVMA Foundation Wall of Honor when you reach the $1,200 level. Please join in supporting this important effort.

Liaison for the Profession
The KVMA works closely with the K-State College of Veterinary Medicine; Kansas Board of Veterinary Medicine; Kansas Board of Pharmacy; Kansas Animal Health Department; Kansas Dept. of Health and Environment; and the state’s major agricultural producer groups.

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