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A complete list of selected abstracts may be reviewed by clicking here.

Abstract Information and Instructions

All abstracts will be presented as posters. Selected abstracts may be chosen for a special oral presentation.

Abstracts are submitted to one of the following subject areas:
1) Virus transmission, biosecurity and area control
2) Host response to infection, including host genetics and innate/adaptive immunity
3) Vaccination strategies and therapeutics
4) Detection, diagnostics and surveillance
5) Virus structure and gene function

See instructions below. All abstracts are published and made public through the meeting website and other venues. A meeting program and abstracts will be compiled and posted on-line at the meeting website as well as distributed to registered meeting participants at the beginning of the conference.

Abstract Submission Instructions:
- Abstracts are formatted using single space, 12 pt font, Times New Roman and submitted as a Word document.
- Abstracts should be a maximum of one page (8.5" x 11") with one inch margins. Do not put a border around the text area.     Do not type abstract in a "text box".
- The title should be followed first by the authors, and then author affiliations. Use the following format:

Your Abstract Title

J.K. Lunney1*, R. Eaves2, R. Rowland2, L. Becton3.

1USDA, ARS, BARC, ANRI, APDL, Beltsville, MD, 2Department of Diagnostic Medicine & Pathobiology, College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS,3National Pork Board, Des Moines, IA.

Abstract text ….

- The title is not underlined, bold, or italic (with the exception of scientific words), nor entirely in upper case
- Designate with an asterisk (use only an asterisk) the person who is presenting at the meeting.
- Abstracts should be informative, containing: a) a short statement of the study’s specific objective, b) a brief statement of      
  methods, c) a summary of the results, and d) a statement of the conclusions.
- Abstracts should not contain figures or references. Black and white tables are allowed.
- Italicize only scientific words. Do not use special symbols, such as α, β, γ, etc. For example interferon-α should be written
  as interferon-alpha.

Special Instructions:
Save the abstract file with the last name of the presenting author and first letter of the first name, for example - EavesR. If submitting more than one abstract, put consecutive numbers after the name, for example - EavesR2, EavesR3, etc.


Poster Presentations:
Posters will be presented during a reception Saturday evening. It is expected that all poster presenters will be available to discuss their research. Poster size is 4 feet wide (121 cm) and 4 feet (121 cm) high. There is an additional opportunity to display your poster at the CRWAD poster session on Sunday evening. If you plan to display your poster at CRWAD, please check the box on the abstract submission form.

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